iskembe Corbasi

İşkembe Çorbası (5 kişilik)
  • 2 yumurta
  • 1 lt. su
  • sirke
  • tuz
  • 150 gr. un
  • 1 diş sarımsak
  • 1 soğan
  • 500 gr işkembe
İşkembeyi yıkadıktan sonra 1 lt. Su ile haşlayın. Bu arada da kabuğu ayıklanmış olan soğanı da içine bütün olarak koyun. Haşlandıktan sonra işkembeyi süzerek suyundan alın. Öte yandan un ve yumurtayı karıştırın ve bu karışımı işkembeyi kaynattığınız suya katın. 15-20 dk. Pişirdikten sonra ufak ufak kesmiş olduğunuz işkembeyi de içine atın ve tekrar bir taşımlık kaynatıp sıcak olarak servis yapın. Yanında sarımsaklı sirke ikram edin. Afiyet olsun.


Domates Çorbası

işkembe Çorbası

Un Çorbası

Yoğurt Çorbası

Yeşil Mercimek Çorbası

Şehriye Çorbası

Yayla Corbasi

Sebze Çorbası

Karnabahar Çorbası

Ezogelin Çorbası

Arap Aşi Çorbası

Düğün Çorbası

Tarhana Corbasi

Pirinç Çorbası

Kırmızı Mercimek Çorbası

Taze Mantar Çorbası

Yuvalama Çorbası

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A friend of mine in Iowa actually linked to Red Mountain Church from his blog. Apparently they have quite a few CDs of “hymn reconstruction.” I checked a few of them out. Some really good stuff, but I don’t know much about the church itself. Not suggesting you visit there; Just thought it was related.

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not esspecially to anything my friends… Turkish government –and second government of dependent news-media (of which the mentioned newspaper “Today’s Zaman” is the voice of current government and its governmental act.)– title dead soldiers as “sheit”s or a fair translation to martyrs and Kurdish terrorists as “killed”. The reason of this action lies behind the opinion to send the message of “Terrorism has nothing to do with religion, if you are a terrorist, you don’t deserve the title of martyr when you are killed” esspecially religiously dominant -and somehow ruled- regions in the Eastern Anatolia. It is aimed to cut the public support to terrorist off in that way, which concluded in no use so far.

Yorumu gönderen: Eat( mmaillouxville.levis.qc.ca ), 20.04.2012, 10:18 (UTC):
My mum opens all the windows in the omrning to circulate the old, stale and most likely slightly stinky air. She believes the cool breeze that hits you in the omrning is cleansing. I think it is detrimental to my already very hard process of getting up Mother is Turkish.Husband is not much same. He likes a huge draught in the bedroom between the open windows and the ongoing fans while I bury myself under several layers blankets with heating pads making sure that I wore my microfiber lounge robe on my nightgown just in the case that the one layer of blanket slips . I never get a cold except for when I feel cold while sleeping. Husband is not Turkish, but is the same sign as my mummy, so the most I can come up with is not a cross-cultural link but it is astrological So, my understanding is that Turkish people get a chill, catch a cold, and seriously attacked by viruses if they feel a breeze when relaxing Doesn't even have to be the air from outside. Even air conditioning can cause it. But if it is for cleansing reasons, it is good for you! It will increase your endurance against viruses for sure! And since most Turks become seriously ill at a slight breeze, they somehow experience these imaginary draughts. They are like Oh my gosh, do you feel the draught coming from the .left or right or from top but most times to the feet? At those times, all the doors and windows of the house have to be investigated and closed. And whether you feel it or not, you have to wear your socks and slippers, too, along with another extra layer of a vest or cardigan. You know you gotta because they won't leave you alone till you do it. So, you're better off doing it.Briefly, cool air breeze is great when it is believed to have cleansing effects and your Turkish party does not feel cold. And it is very evil when your Turkish party feels the chill and doesn't think that it is cleansing at all. Tarhana is great for you, though! Kudos to your hubby cooking it up for you during this time. It has lots of nutrients. Hope you feel much better soon! ♥

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