Tarhana Corbasi

Tarhana Çorbası 
  • 350 gr süzme yoğurt
  • 250 gr et suyu
  • ekmek içi
  • tuz, karabiber
Süzme yoğurdu ekmek içi ile birlikte mikserde iyice karıştırın ve bir gün bekletin.İsterseniz bu karışıma domates salçası da ekleyebilirsiniz mikserde çekmeden önce. Sonra bunu bir tencereye aktarın.Ocak orta ateşte iken yavaş yavaş et suyunu ilave ederek karıştırın.Kaynayana kadar karıştırmaya devam edin .Bu arada tuz ve karabiberini de ekleyin.Küp şeklinde doğranmış ekmekleri tere yağda bir tavada kızartın ve servis yaparken çorba kaselerinin içine 5-6 parça atın.


Domates Çorbası

işkembe Çorbası

Un Çorbası

Yoğurt Çorbası

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Tarhana Corbasi

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Yorumu gönderen: viagra( supexunama.br ), 21.05.2012, 05:10 (UTC):
There does seem to be a traditional here that fresh (particularly cool) air is somehow bad. Houses are hermetically sealed and built without ventilation which causes condensation and mould. We throw our windows open in the winter for a short while to clear the damp air. I hope you’re feeling better soon.

Yorumu gönderen: health insurance( dcnavissbcglobal.net ), 12.05.2012, 04:26 (UTC):
My mum opens all the windows in the morning to circulate the old, stale and most likely slightly stinky air. She believes the cool breeze that hits you in the morning is cleansing. I think it is detrimental to my already very hard process of getting up… – Mother is Turkish.Husband is not much same. He likes a huge draught in the bedroom between the open windows and the ongoing fans while I bury myself under several layers blankets with heating pads making sure that I wore my microfiber lounge robe on my nightgown just in the case that the one layer of blanket slips…. I never get a cold except for when I feel cold while sleeping. – Husband is not Turkish, but is the same sign as my mummy, so the most I can come up with is not a cross-cultural link but it is astrological So, my understanding is that Turkish people get a chill, catch a cold, and seriously attacked by viruses if they feel a breeze when relaxing… Doesn’t even have to be the air from outside. Even air conditioning can cause it. But if it is for cleansing reasons, it is good for you! It will increase your endurance against viruses for sure! And since most Turks become seriously ill at a slight breeze, they somehow experience these imaginary draughts. They are like “Oh my gosh, do you feel the draught coming from the ….left or right or from top but most times to the feet?” At those times, all the doors and windows of the house have to be investigated and closed. And whether you feel it or not, you have to wear your socks and slippers, too, along with another extra layer of a vest or cardigan. You know you gotta because they won’t leave you alone till you do it. So, you’re better off doing it.Briefly, cool air breeze is great when it is believed to have cleansing effects and your Turkish party does not feel cold. And it is very evil when your Turkish party feels the chill and doesn’t think that it is cleansing at all. Tarhana is great for you, though! Kudos to your hubby cooking it up for you during this time. It has lots of nutrients. Hope you feel much better soon! ♥

Yorumu gönderen: Rosane( liskova39seznam.cz ), 23.04.2012, 03:15 (UTC):
and less processed we will prbbaoly switch to this. I had one boiled egg leftover from yesterday s morning rush, so this was the perfect time to use it. Recipe: {for one serving} One boiled

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